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Thanks to our modular turbine concept, each ORC can be configured differently depending on customer parameters such as thermapower, temperature levels, cooling systems...



Using our high speed turbine and powerful permanent magnet generator, as well as advanced grid feed inverters, our ORC technology is one of the most effective choices available on the market.



ENOGIA's patented cinetic turbine has no frictional or erodible parts, resulting in very low wear and outstanding lifetime.



fondateursGlobal warming and the rising cost of fossil fuels are creating an ever-growing need for renewable and clean energy. Because the price of oil, gas and electricity is increasing and will most likely remain in this direction, generating power localy and improving the energy efficiency of processes, products and vehicles is a preffered direction for many companies.

This led four engineers to create the ENOGIA, which, thanks to its environmentally friendly ORC technology (ORC stands for Organic Rankine Cycle), provides efficient and clean energy solutions for industry, transport and buildings.

ENOGIA designs and produces heat to power conversion systems, based on an exclusive micro-turboexpander technology. The primary sources of energy available may be: solar CSP, biomass, geothermal sources, Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) on industrial processes or internal combustion engines (use as a bottoming cycle)...

ENOGIA has been granted the “Young Innovative Company” label of the French Ministry of Research and has strategic partnerships with laboratories to improve and extend the field of heat to power solutions.

ENOGIA designs and produces
heat to power conversion systems,
based on an innovative proprietary
micro-turboexpander technology


The ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) module is the flagship product of ENOGIA, which uses its proprietary micro-turboexpander to convert low quality heat into useful electricity.

ENOGIA can deliver from bare ORC module to complete turnkey projects, including an Organic Rankine Cycle Module, tailored to customer needs.

The standard ORC modules are available for a power range of 10 to 100 kW, and can adapt the blades and different working fluids to obtain different temperature ranges..


  • Range of electrical power : 5 to 100 kWel
  • Range of thermal power inlet : 50 to 2000 kWth
  • Range of hot liquid inlet : 80 to 200°C
  • Range of exhaust gases : 150 to 500°C
  • Please ask us for a detailed technical offer !


Since its creation in 2009, ENOGIA combines innovation and technical expertise to design high value systems.

Thanks to the experience of the design and production of high speed turbomachinery and thermodynamical systems, ENOGIA offers its technological know-how to its customers in specific development projects.

ENOGIA has the ability to manage your project from the early stages of design to prototype testing and mass production. ENOGIA can manage your specific needs to ensure the most efficient solution.

In France as in the world, ENOGIA can manage the entire cycle of innovation and development, from the early research phase to industrial production:

  • Benchmark of technology by functional analysis, creativity and multi-criteria value analysis …
  • Preliminary studies with multidisciplinary expertise including system engineering, thermodynamics, fluid and structure mechanics, electricity and electronics, …
  • Detailed studies (detailed mechanical design, process and instrumentation iiagram, finite element analysis, production and detail plans, …)
  • Detailed system engineering, PFD (Process Flow Diagram), PID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram), drawings, …
  • Production of prototypes, assembly, quality controls, tests, data analysis, …

Sectors : Industry, Oil and gas, Energy, Transportation


The efficient kinetic turbine and the high speed generator

Designed by ENOGIA’s engineers, the core of ENOGIA systems is its innovative Micro-Turboexpander.

ENOGIA has developped several breakthrough innovations to lower the power level of traditionnal kinetic turbine technology used in larger scale Organic Rankine Cycle processes.

These enhancements enable an extremely compact turbine expander with built-in high-speed generator, bringing new meaning to the efficiency and reliability of small expanders.


ENOGIA has the ability to engineer new turbo-expanders for several working fluids that meet all customer requirements. Potential applications are not only Organic Rankine Cycle but also the CO2 cycle, the expansion of natural gas, the expansion of process gases, the recovery of hot air energy.

To this end, ENOGIA’s engineers will use state-of-the-art design techniques, including finite element analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), modal and strength analysis …

Manufacturing uses only the best quality materials and processes, such as CNC milling, TIG welding, and final assembly by ENOGIA skilled craftsmen.


Name \ Informations Application Country Unit type Status Year
Itajuba Solar Brazil ENO-10LT In Operation 2013
Nanjing Research China ENO-10LT In Operation 2013
St Brieuc Biogaz France ENO-10LT In Operation 2014
Gruffy Biogaz France ENO-10LT In Operation 2015
Epinay Champlâtreux Biogaz France ENO-40LT In Operation 2015
Embrun Biogaz France ENO-10LT In Operation 2015
Le caire Solar Egypte ENO-10MT In Operation 2015
Xanthi Solar greece ENO-10LT In Operation 2015
Odeillo Solar France ENO-20MT In Operation 2015
Hyères Biomass France ENO-40LT In Operation 2015
London Research UK ENO-10LT In Operation 2015
Loudborough Research UK ENO-10LT In Operation 2015
Plestan Biogaz France ENO-10LT In Operation 2016
Roche sur Linotte Biogaz France ENO-10LT In Operation 2016
Vesoul Biogaz France ENO-10LTDC Installed 2016
Thiers Biogaz France ENO-10MTDE Installed 2016
Mellet Industrial Belgium ENO-10LT Installed 2016
Doha Research Qatar ENO-10LT In operation 2016
San Nicolas de Hidalgo Geothermal Mexico ENO-40LT Installed 2016
Wuhan Biogaz China ENO-10LT Installed 2016
Grignon Biogaz France ENO-10LT In operation 2016
Pellefigue Biogaz France ENO-40LT In construction 2017
Saint Remy sur Bussy Biogaz France ENO-20LTDC In construction 2017
Stagbatch Biogaz UK ENO-40LT In construction 2017
Birmingham Biogaz UK ENO-40LT In construction 2017
Birmingham Biogaz UK ENO-40MT In construction 2017


Biogaz Europe 2018

We will be present at Biogaz Europe from 7th to 8th February in Nantes! Meet us booth B08, Hall XXL. See you soon!

February 5th, 2018

Biogas Infotage

We are at Biogas Infotage in Ulm! Come discover the ORC technology by Enogia stand 221a Hall 2 !

January 11th, 2018

Happy New Year !

We wish you an Happy New Year, May this year bring you happiness and success. Let's hope that all your projects will come to fruition!

January 1st, 2018

Merry Christmas !

All Enogia's team wish you a Merry Christmas !

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ENOGIA recherche un ingénieur spécialisé en mécanique fine, de préférence avec plusieurs années d’expérience chez un fabricant de turbomachines ou de machines comportant des arbres tournants à haute vitesse.