Hydrogen, a key energy in the energy transition

Hydrogen is one of the pillars of the ecological transition, because it is both a storage solution that can remedy the intermittence of certain renewable energies and a fuel capable of powering emission-free vehicles.

The mobilisation of public and private players in France and abroad heralds a decade resolutely focused on hydrogen-based solutions for cleaner mobility, industry and energy storage.

The fuel cell

This clean mobility is made possible by the development of fuel cells, which convert hydrogen fuel into electricity, which in turn will power electric engines. The fuel cell is thus at the heart of the vehicle, the hydrogen “engine”.

The compressor

Hydrogen is converted into electricity in a fuel cell. The air supply compressor is an essential and critical component in all fuel cells. As its name suggests, it ensures that enough air at the right pressure is supplied to the stack, the pile of electrodes where the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen in the air takes place.

ENOGIA compressor for fuel cell.

Enogia technology

ENOGIA relies on a decade of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of turbomachinery to offer a new type of compressor that is more compact, more responsive, lighter and more efficient than the products available on the market.

Based on centrifugal machine technology and the latest developments in high speed permanent magnet motors combined with an innovative architecture, the compactness of the ENOGIA compressor is a very significant advantage in the deployment of the fuel cell in mobility.

ENOGIA adapts each processor to the characteristics required to produce the best performance from a stack under optimal conditions. Our clients, that is fuel cell integrators, can thus reduce their costs and improve the performance of their products.


ENOGIA’s technology is applicable to all decarbonised hydrogen market segments.

ENOGIA can provide compressors adapted to any type of fuel cell application, whether for light or heavy mobility, land, sea or air, or for stationary power generation. ENOGIA compressors range from a few hundred watts to a hundred kilowatts and can therefore supply stacks of any size. The compactness and performance of ENOGIA compressors are real assets for fuel cell integrators.

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