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Organic Rankine Cycle Turbine

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With the expertise learnt in the development of its turbo-expander technology and the engineering of the Organic Rankine Cycle modules, as well as with the expertise of its engineers and project managers, ENOGIA can deliver consulting services in technological development and in innovation management.

The broad spectrum of the different services that ENOGIA can offer allows for a vertical project integration, resulting in success for your R&D or industrial project :

  • Innovation management and identification of opportunities, by the use of functional analysis tools, state of the art analysis and multi-criterion technological selection
  • Preliminary studies (sizing and mechanical preliminary design, fluidics, thermodynamics, system design, …)
  • Detailed studies (detailed mechanical design, Process and Instrumentation Diagram, Finite Element Analysis, production and detailed drawings, …)
  • Production monitoring and conformity checks
  • Prototype assembly and testing

Sectors :
Industry, Oil and gas, Energy, Transportation