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Organic Rankine Cycle Turbine

maquette orc

The heat to power ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) Module is ENOGIA flagship product, which uses its proprietary micro-turboexpander in order to produce electricity.

The Organic Rankine Cycle module is available for a 5 to 100 kW electrical power range, and can be loaded with different working fluids for different temperature ranges.

ENOGIA can deliver turnkey projects including an Organic Rankine Cycle Module, suited to customer requirements.


  • Range of electrical power : 5 to 100 kWel
  • Range of thermal power inlet : 50 to 2000 kWth
  • Range of hot liquid inlet : 80 to 200°C
  • Range of exhaust gases : 150 to 500°C
  • Please ask us for a detailed technical offer !
maquette orc
Product Range "LT"
(Low Temperature)
(Medium Temperature)
"MT / DE"
(Medium Temperature / Direct Evaporation)
Hot side conditions 80-120°C hot water inlet 150-200°C hot water or oil inlet 200-400°C hot gases inlet
Working fluide R-245fa New Generation Refrigerant
New Generation Refrigerant
10 kW (gross electric power) ENO-10LT ENO-10MT ENO-10MT/DE
20 kW (gross electric power) ENO-20LT ENO-20MT

40 kW (gross electric power) ENO-40LT ENO-40MT
100 kW (gross electric power) ENO-100LT ENO-100MT