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Organic Rankine Cycle Turbine



Cleantech 2015, Ambassadeur de la French Tech pour la COP21

Ministry of Economics
Overall grand winner

ENOGIA earned the most support amongst french top 150 Cleantech startups, and was awarded the "Overall grand winner" price of the Cleantech 2015 contest on lespepitestech.com . The price was given by the Minister of Economics, M. Emmanuel Macron, at the Ministry at Bercy, Paris.

Presented by the French Ministry of Economics
On November 27th, 2015

Coup de coeur du Jury du prix Entreprise et Environnement

Entreprise & Environnement 2015
Coup de coeur du Jury

The Entreprise & Environnement jury awarded its "Coup de coeur" price to ENOGIA, which was given by the French Minister of Ecology and Energy, Mme Segolene Royal, at the World Efficiency 2015 event.

Presented by the French Ministry of Ecology and Energy
On October 13th, 2015

innov'space 1 étoiles 2015

SPACE 2015
1 star Innov'Space

The SPACE panel of experts (Chamber of Agriculture, technical instituts, veterinarians, breeders and journalists from specialised media) have dicerned Enogia's technology with 1 Innov'Space star, underlining the ORC skid as a innovative product.

Presented by the SPACE
On July 8th, 2015

trophée innovation days ENGIE

ENGIE 2015
Innovation Days Prize

Within the framework of the Innovation Week from the 15th to the 19th of June 2015, ENGIE gathers local stakeholders (communities, industrials, universities, associations, startups) in order to introduce the stakes and solutions for the territory energy transitionning and to reward the most oustanding innovations.

Presented by ENGIE
On June 17th, 2015

Biogaz d'or 2015

Innovation Prize

The innovation competition organized by Biogas Salon 2015 set up in Nantes recognizes the most outstanding innovations of the year presented by exhibitors.

Presented by Salon Biogaz Europe
On March 19th, 2015

trophee Arts & Métiers 2014

Arts et Métiers 2014
Innovation Prize

This trophy rewards a start-up founded by an engineer graduated from Arts et Métiers engineering school and which develops an innovative and viable concept.

Presented by Orange Fab France
On May 7, 2014

Cleantech Republic 2013

Cleantech Republic 2013
Special Jury Award

This prize honours a French start-up company for its innovations in renewable and sustainable development.

Presented by Cleantech Republic, Grenoble Business School, Bpifrance and La Tribune
On December 5, 2013

Henri Fabre 2012

Henri Fabre 2012 Prize
for Science and Technology

This prize of Marseille Academy of Science and Arts rewards a technical innovation brought by an individual who has strong bonds to Provence region.

Presented by Marseille Academy
of Science and Arts
On December 21, 2012